Custom Indoor Lighting Installation in Seattle

Thoughtfully Designed Indoor Lighting

We provide in-person or over the phone custom interior lighting installation consultations. When you are ready to transform your home with softer light or seeking a way to add fixtures that mimics sunlight to a windowless room, we can help.

We are experts at working with you on your lighting requirements and making sure you not only get an aesthetically pleasing lighting design, but that it also meets the quality of light you are looking for.

Need help installing pre-purchased lights? Give us a call. We’ll go the extra mile and offer you guidance on their proper placement to accentuate your homes best features.¬†

Custom Interior Lighting Installations

Here are some of the ways we can improve the lighting in your home:

  • Room renovation lighting projects (i.e., turning unfinished basements into a guest bedroom)
  • Replacing old bulbs with LEDs for softer light, energy-efficiency and cost-savings
  • Installing international fixtures (i.e., fixtures purchased in India or China) so you feel a bit more at home in your home
  • Specialty lighting needs for professional who work with color on a daily basis

Transform Your Home With Our Custom Lighting Installation Solutions:

Basement Lighting. Ready to light up your basement? We can turn any dark area with no windows into an inviting space filled with light that mimics sunlight and provides a soothing ambiance for you and your family.

Install International Fixtures. Did you bring your architectural taste with you from your home country? Let us help you fill your home with the beauty and comfort of familiar lighting. We have experience installing fixtures purchased in India, China and around the globe.

Energy-Efficient Lighting. Lighting has evolved over the last several years. We recommend our customers replace their old-fashioned incandescent bulbs with safer, brighter and less energy consuming LEDs. Who knew savings from your electric bill could look so good?

Room Renovation Lighting. Stop putting up with poor lighting conditions and allow us to create a lighting solution that can enhance your everyday life. Let us turn the feeling in any room of your home from drab to fab!

Illuminate Your Space. Grey skies are common in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn’t mean the inside of our homes need to match that mood nor solely depend on natural lighting. It’s been shown that emotional and psychological issues like seasonal affective disorders can be mitigated with good lighting. Improve the quality of your life and mood with thoughtfully designed indoor lighting.

Specialty Lighting. For print houses or side-hustle designers struggling to get an accurate color rendering of your product, we can help. Stop taking trips outside to match colors and let us install a quality light fixture designed specifically for your needs. Yes, we speak hex codes, Pantones, and CMYK.

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Schedule Your Custom Indoor Lighting Installation Consultation

We offer in-home and phone consultations. Speak directly with a licensed electrician who can help bring more beauty and light into your home.

Timely & Professional Lighting Installation Services‚Äč

Our team makes it their priority to keep your costs down while providing you with the type of lighting and design you want. We will determine your lighting requirements and recommend the appropriate fixtures and light sources to help improve the quality and comfort of your home.

We’re licensed and insured, so you can be confident that your custom indoor lighting installation work will be done right the first time.

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