Outdoor Lighting Design in Seattle

A Beautiful Outdoor Environment

Designing your landscape lighting is a professional's job. When you walk to your front door or want to enjoy a night in the backyard, outdoor lighting will provide safety and add ambiance to your home.

Proper placement of your lighting design will accentuate critical details in your landscape, such as the big oak tree in the yard or the beautiful rose bush that you planted near the entrance of your home.

Bringing Your Lighting to Life

We handle the intricate, difficult installation details, such as:

  • Installing the transformer
  • Staking the fixture
  • Running cable
  • More

You can sit back and relax as we install:

Bullet Lighting. Directional lighting using bullet lighting will allow you to position a beam of light at bushes, trees, flags and other key focal points in your yard.

Flood Lighting. Flood lights are the ideal choice when you need to illuminate a large area, such as your driveway or the fenced-in area of your backyard so that you can watch your dog when you let him out at night.

Garden Lighting. Have you considered installing pathway lighting? These lights are meant to be seen and will provide more light than well lighting. Most people choose garden lighting when they want to illuminate ground areas.

Up Lighting. A lighting solution that aims up to focal points in the landscape, such as highlighting walls, trees or other landscape features.

Wash Lighting. Similar in nature to up lighting, the main difference between wash and up lighting is that wash lighting has a softer light and is positioned further from the object. We recommend this lighting when you are trying to create ambiance.

Well Lighting. Well lighting fixtures are buried in the ground and has waterproofing around it. These lights are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing while also being evasive. The strategic placement allows you to see the lighting, but not the fixture.

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Our team can plan out your outdoor lighting design for you, or we can review your plan, make recommendations and begin the installation for you.

We’re licensed and insured, so you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time.