Tenant Improvements in Seattle

Tenant Improvements in Seattle

Commercial electrical improvements for tenants in commercial, residential and municipal facilities require special care and attention to detail. Unlike private homes, commercial property improvement projects have stringent deadlines and requirements that must be met. Projects like these must be handled by experienced electricians who understand how to navigate these murky waters.

At Brechtech Services, we understand the importance of experience when it comes to tenant improvement projects. Our 22+ years of experience allows us to easily:

  • Meet stringent deadlines
  • Understand your budget
  • Understand occupancy agreements.
  • Handle demolitions


Tenant improvement projects require the skill and knowledge that only an experienced commercial electrician can provide. We know what it takes to complete these projects successfully. Missing deadlines or not meeting budget requirements put a landlord at risk.

Electrical Management

Residential, industrial and governmental tenant improvement projects often start with the demolition of existing infrastructure. Demolition work must be completed in accordance with the timeline, strict budgetary guidelines and the occupancy agreement. We have the expertise to handle the demolition work needed to get the project moving. 

Today, tenant improvement projects may also include installing new electrical equipment to enhance security or privacy. It is crucial to choose an electrician with the knowledge and equipment to handle these jobs. 

When it comes to tenant improvement projects, the reputation and experience of the commercial electrician are crucial. Working with a team who has worked on similar projects will give you confidence and peace of mind.

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