Generator Installation in Seattle

Combatting Power Outages

Do you have an energy backup in place? If your power goes off on a sunny day, it’s not a big deal as long as your electricity comes back on quickly. However, in the cold winter months, power outages may mean frozen pipes or even days without electricity.

Power outages quickly become serious when they’re prolonged. Bad weather can make it even more difficult to restore power in a timely manner.

You’re at the mercy of the electric company if your power goes out.

However, our experienced and professional technicians can help install a generator for your home or business. Generator installation offers you the guarantee that if your power ever goes out, you can still:

  • Run appliances
  • Keep your HVAC running
  • Cook food


For some people, such as anyone on oxygen, a generator may be more than a luxury – it can save a life.

No matter your reason for wanting a generator installed in your space, we’ll help you find the right model for your needs and perform a complete install for you.

Hiring Us for Your Generator Installation

Our team knows that choosing a generator is a difficult task. Unless you’re in the industry, you may not know which size generator you’ll need or if the generator you have will offer you peace of mind that your power needs will be met.

First, we’ll:

  • Offer you a consultation, where we’ll come to your home and determine the right size generator for you
  • Provide recommendations on the multiple generator options available to you
  • Come to an agreement on the size generator you want to install
  • Handle the complete installation of your generator


We’ll ensure that your home or business has the power backup you need to keep the lights on, even if the whole block is without electricity.

Give us a call to discuss your generator installation and how we can help bring a complete energy backup system to your home or business.

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